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On December 16, 1994 Christine and I looked at each other across the altar in the Logan LDS temple and committed ourselves to each other for time and eternity.

Then we partied with family and friends.

As usual, click on the picture for a larger version or on one of the the links below the picture. Some of these pictures were taken by our wedding photographer - the great Michael Slade.

Invitation front
720x524 - 1800x1311

Front of invitation

Because our wedding was in mid-December, we should have had a rubber stamp made up so we could print “NOT A CHRISTMAS CARD” on envelopes. Many people who received invitation did not come to our reception because, we found out later, they thought it was a Christmas card and set it aside to look at later.

Invitation inside
718x1050 - 1796x1160

Inside of invitation

The inside states the reception was held at the Wellington House Reception Center in Ogden, Utah. It was a magnificent and beautiful reception. In retrospect, I only regret that we didn't have some get-down-and-party music.

Kissing outside the temple
718x464 - 1796x1160

Kissy kissy

This is probably our favorite picture from our wedding day. Christine surprised me by getting it enlarged and framed for our fifth anniversary.

This picture was taken on the west side of the Logan temple.

Sitting on a bench on the hill west of Logan temple
710x464 - 1774x1161

On the bench

Sitting on a bench on the hill west of the Logan temple. In the background, of course, is the temple.

Waving to family and friends
710x464 - 1775x1161

Waving and smiling

Christine and I wave and smile at family and friends after coming out of the temple.

Posing with our parents
714x464 - 1786x1161

Meet the parents

Here we are posing on the east side of the temple with our parents.

Chadd and Doran take a moment
714x468 - 1786x1170

Chadd & Doran

Chadd and I prepare to strike a pose while the bride's family helps her make some adjustments.

Chadd and Doran take a moment
711x470 - 1778x1174

Chadd & Doran

The pose.