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In the early part of May 1997, my wife Christine discovered that she might have the opportunity to obtain an intern position with Cray Research. She made sure it would be okay with me if she spent the summer away working while I went to school. I told her it was fine with me... especially if it was good money (which it was.)

Terri, the recruiter from Cray who had been talking with Christine, apparently had a look at Christine's WWW page looking for her resumé and found a link to my home page and, subsequently, my resumé. Apparently impressed, she asked Christine if I might be interested in working for Cray as well if the opportunity came up.

Christine persuaded me and convinced me that working for Cray would be in my better interest so I sent e-mail to Terri letting her know I was in.

Then Terri sent e-mail to Christine to say that there were no positions available for us. It was a bit devastating to Christine but I was a bit relieved at the news.

Given that we were no longer going to be working as interns for the summer, I went ahead and registered for classes. Christine told her employer she would be around and would be working full-time for the summer.

Then, about two weeks later, Terri sent some e-mail to Christine saying that she had two positions open which she felt would be perfect for Christine and I and would we be interested? Christine was ecstatic. I was ticked off because I was being jerked around so much... but I got over it and we both did telephone interviews and were granted positions.

This is the story of our Summer in Minnesota working for the company world-famous for it's supercomputers and computing genius, Cray Research.