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[ApacheCon 98]

ApacheCon was awesome.

Well, it did have its shortcomings because it was the first Apache users conference ever, but otherwise, it was a great conference.

I took my Nikon N-50 with me to the conference and took a few pictures. Next time, I'm taking a video camera -- that will be much nicer. I would have loved to have recorded Bruce Sterling's keynote address. *sighs*

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[ApacheCon Lounge]

ApacheCon `98 Lounge

This was the view outside the conference rooms. When sessions were not going, most people congregated in the lounge loitering, snacking, and visiting.

[Bruce Sterling]

Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling was the second reason I went to ApacheCon (Apache itself being the first). Bruce is a science fiction author who has written several very cool books including Holy Fire (my favorite), Heavy Weather, and The Difference Enginer (with the infamous William Gibson).

[John Gilmore]

John Gilmore

John Gilmore, co-founder of the Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) delivered a keynote address on the first day speaking about the merits of openness in development.

[Bruce Sterling]

Me and Bruce Sterling

After the first day's general session was over, I had to go meet Bruce Sterling in person and get my picture with him. He was delivering a lecture at the Yerba Buena Arts Center later that evening and gave me a flyer about it. Dan and I took off that night and saw it. Bruce was great. The "enlightened" San Francisco art crowd that showed up and participated in the question and answer period afterwards was a little ridiculous, though.

[RedHat Booth]

Me in the RedHat booth

The third reason I went to ApacheCon: RedHat Linux.

[Rasmus Lerdorf]

Rasmus Lerdorf

Rasmus Lerdorf is the original developer of PHP -- a WWW scripting language. PHP is supported as an Apache module and offers several features including connectivity to many different databases.

I did a lot with PHP in 1996-97, before I started doing most of my CGI work in Perl.

[Me and Dan Lincoln]

Me and Dan Lincoln

The day before ApacheCon officially started, I linked up with Dan Lincoln at the welcome reception. Dan works for GalaxyMall in Orem, Utah. I recognized him as a Utahn because he was wearing his BYU Ballroom Dance shirt. Heh heh.

[Me and Gary Smylie]

Me and Gary Smylie

I met Gary Smylie through Dan. Gary works in Idaho Falls, Idaho where the company shuts down for the deer hunt.

[The Exploratorium]

The Exploratorium (#1)

The night before ApacheCon ended, IBM hosted an all-out party at the San Francisco Exploratorium in Presidio Park. Food and drink were served to all and techno music played while attendees wandered about sampling the various scientific exhibits.

The lights were kept low while fog machines enhanced the lighting effects that accompanied the music.

[The Exploratorium]

The Exploratorium (#2)

Another shot from the IBM party. That was cool.

[Juice Guy]

Juice Guy

Each morning, Hilton hotel employees greeted us with freshly prepared juice mixes, various blends of coffee, and breakfast foods.