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On Easter Weekend 2002, I joined my buddy of 16 years -- Thom -- to the 27th annual (and supposedly, final) Easter weekend party at Mr. Roger Fuller's "Flyin Zion" ranch in Rockville, Utah.

Doran and Thom at Flyin Zion

The trip was a lot of fun. Thom and I hadn't spent a lot of time together in several years, so it gave us time to reconnect and rediscover why we had been such close friends when we were younger. Plus, the scenery at the Flyin Zion ranch was spectacular. We met some very cool people, listened to (or played, in Thom's case) some great music, and spent some time hanging out in St. George.

What you'll find here

  • Photographs - We took a lot of pictures with both my Canon Powershot S10 digital camera (29 Mar, 30 Mar) and my Nikon N50 35mm SLR.
  • The Story - This is a summary of what happened on our trip. This may give you some idea of what it was like for us. Or... it may bore you to death.