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Hi! I'm Doran Barton (also known to many as Fozziliny George Moo) and welcome to my website. I'm a 41 year-old white guy (with a B.Sc. in Computer Science) currently living in Utah's Salt Lake valley (USA). I am married to the wonderful Christine (who also holds a B.Sc. in C.S.) and we have three children named Maya, Lucy, and Eli.

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I'm a computing geek... and I have been since I was about 10-years old. After spending teenage years on dialup bulletin board systems, I became acquainted with the Internet in 1990 at college. Since then, I have gathered experience in the realm of website design, dynamic website development, database design, programming theory, Unix/Linux administration, and network design and security.

I am an active proponent of Free Software and the Open Source movement. Most of my web development projects incorporate the Perl programming language, PostgreSQL as a database backend, and the award-winning and industry leading Apache web (HTTP) server.

I have chosen to use the Linux operating system — usually Red Hat Linux, CentOS, or Fedora — almost exclusively for several years and have been using UNIX since 1990.

Since 2012 I've been employed as a software developer for Bluehost in Provo, UT, one of the biggest web hosting companies on the Internet.

In addition to doing stuff with computers, I also enjoy composing music, videography and video editing, still photography, bicycling, landscaping, technical and creative writing, and reading (science fiction, speculative fiction, and non-fiction).

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